Freight-Shipping - If your shipment is already packaged and/or secured to a pallet or crate, please contact us for a rate quote. We handle shipments up to 50,000 lbs; our bottom-line shipping rates will enable us to reduce your shipping cost. If your shipment is not already palletized or crated, PLEASE CONTACT US and we will help you locate a facility in your area that can assist with this process.

Local Pick-up & Shipping Preparation - We will pick up goods/items from your business and bring them to our freight warehouse where they will be professionally prepared for shipping. You may also drop off your goods/items at our warehouse for additional savings. Once your goods/items are at our warehouse, we will professionally prepare them for shipping.

Truck Freight (LTL and Up)

1-5 business days within continental U.S.; actual transit time based on destination zip code.

T.R. Bell Trucking operates a fleet of tractors and trailers, with administrative offices located in the heart of South Jersey, including a maintenance and storage facilities 15 minutes from Philadelphia and an 1.75 hours from New York.

As one of New Jersey’s most dynamic carrier, T.R. Bell Trucking continues to expand our diverse portfolio of service-sensitive, specialty operations to meet your unique needs. Whether you need some or all of our transportation solutions, T.R. Bell Trucking has the capacity to deliver your freight on time, secure and safe.

We travel thousands of miles every week. Our commitment to safety, service, and damage-free delivery is paramount with our administrative and support team as well as our drivers on the road.

Flatbed Trucking Services

T.R. Bell Trucking offers a large variety of trailer types to meet your heavy freight shipping needs. We can provide tarps of any size, straps and chains to secure your freight and assure its safe arrival.

Flatbeds and Decks

  • Standard Flatbed

Over-Weight & Heavy Haul Trucking Services

T.R. Bell Trucking’s team has the knowledge and experience to successfully manage the most complex shipments. With expertise in Federal and State permitting laws, requirements & restrictions. T.R. Bell Trucking delivers the professional level of service you require.

  • Reliable pricing for unique service requirements
  • Expertise in loading & securement
  • Professional routing & permitting services to reduce costs, increase safety, & ensure smooth transit

Refrigerated Trucking Services

T.R. Bell Trucking is one of the most reliable dry van, truckload carriers in The Eastern Corridor! But what many people don’t know is that we also maintain one of the best temperature controlled fleets as well.

We are capable of carrying almost any type of temperature sensitive product for delivery to anywhere in The Eastern Corridor. We have passed their tests time and time again, demonstrating that our level of service is second to none.

Freight and shipping requirements on refrigerated or temperate controlled freight are directly related to truck shipping rates for a refrigerated trucking company. If you have special needs, do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists to assist you with your refrigerated or temperature controlled truck shipping rates. T.R. Bell Trucking offers the following types of temp controlled equipment:

  • Refrigerated Trailers
  • Vented Trailers
  • Insulated Trailers

Power Only / Tractor Only Trucking Services

Do you have a private trailer, container or piece of equipment that needs to be moved? T.R. Bell Trucking offers Power Only moves where we can provide a truck tractor for your freight transportation needs.

We can transport trailers or containers of any size and weight. If you have heavy or over dimensional equipment that is trailer mounted, we can secure permits to transport the units over the road in our Heavy Hauling department.

Drayage / Port Freight Trucking Services in The Eastern Corridor

Drayage / Port Freight Trucking Services In The Eastern Corridor T.R. Bell Trucking offers local drayage moves for pulling containers in and out of ports, harbors, warehouse, and on site pick-ups. T.R. Bell Trucking performs delivery services for your freight trucking needs to every corner of The Eastern Corridor

  • Power Only Units
    • Local Drayage
  • Harbor and Port Work
    • Container Pulls
    • Transloads
  • Container Delivery
    • Pick-up / Tracking / Delivery
  • Management services

Container Delivery Services in The Eastern Corridor

T.R. Bell Trucking is a U.S. Customs bonded carrier and possess the skill-set, expertise, and professional personnel to handle your cleared cargo as well as loads moving under “bond”. T.R. Bell Trucking offers the most comprehensive container services and options in The Eastern Corridor. A broad array of equipment offerings and convenient value-added services makes us your one-stop shop for all your container needs. Whether it’s local drayage or tri-State-wide service, we have the solution for you.


  • 48′ Flatbed Trailers
  • 45′, 48’ and 53′ Trailer capacities
  • The most reliable Van Fleet in The Eastern Corridor


  • Expert ocean container service fully licensed and bonded
  • Product moved to warehouses, and /or customer location, on demand
  • Direct shipping to your customers