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Logistics is the part of the supply chain which plans, implements and controls the efficient, effective forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customer and legal requirements.

If you have a full or partial truckload of freight, T.R. Bell Trucking, LLC delivers competitive quotes for dry van, flatbed and refrigerated loads. Our truckload shipping experts specialize in both coverage and dispatch.

Safety And Reliability.

We are among the safest and most reliable trucking companies in the Eastern Corridor, based in the heart of South Jersey. With over 40 years of trucking experience in the United States, T.R. Bell Trucking, LLC offers a broad array of trucking services. Everything from our traditional Eastern Corridor, Tri-State, port drayage, flat bed and refrigerated loads; T.R. Bell Trucking, LLC creates flexibility with our supply chain service, helping our customers bring their product to market.